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We are proud to introduce ourselves as the creators of cutting-edge dog training equipment and apparel, which have been authentically designed to enhance your dog training performance. Our commitment and passion for training dogs is what drives us to bring you the best in both function and fashion.  We hope you enjoy our creations and find them as fun to wear and use on the training field as we do. 

- Adrian Moreno

Founder & Owner



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At AMŌ Dog Sports our mission is to create innovative training equipment and apparel that is both functional and fashionable.  Our design process is fueled by our passion for training dogs which makes our gear as authentic as the trainers who use it.  We hope you find our dog training equipment and apparel refreshing as you browse through our site catalog.  We are especially proud of our clothing line for dog trainers.  Which we believe is the perfect fit for the modern dog trainer who wants both style and function in the clothes they wear. 

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